Our process

We guide your organization through digital initiatives from start to implemented solutions.

Industry leader in Spatial Computing

For too long the industry has seen and experienced costly digital initiatives that do not capitalize on the benefits of today's available technology. All too often isolated digital investments are made where purchases of ready-made technical solutions are implemented without a clear strategy.

Through our strong network and our strategic partners, we ensure that proper and measurable digital initiatives are taken, accepted and implemented into daily operations.
Our process looks like this.



By identifying and involving key stakeholders in your organization, we map your work processes and digital maturity at an early stage. This creates the base and conditions to move further in the process.


Digital strategies

By designing processes where business goals and business benefits are linked to digital solutions, we develop digital strategies that produce measurable results.


Choice of technology

Based on the digital strategies and the organisations needs, we choose the right technical solutions that both in the short- and long-term lead to a high return on your investments.


Pilot project

To demonstrate the benefits and quickly get measurable results, we carry out pilot projects which are then scaled up based on the conditions, strategies and technical solutions.



With support in the strategy, we work with methods to ensure that the solutions are accepted and implemented throughout the organization with clear follow-up and control.


Manage and develop

We support your process of managing implemented solutions and further developing tHome so that maximum long-term benefits are achieved within your organization.

“At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their company to accommodate new technologies”

John ChambersExecutive Chairman, Cisco System