Augmented reality

Enhance reality with holograms

Benefits of Augmented Reality

The real strength of Augmented Reality is that it activates Our most effective part of the brain for collecting and process information, the visual cortex. Of the 11 million bytes of data the brain processes every second, the eyes process 10 million bytes.

Below are some areas where Augmented Reality can help your organization.

Service & Maintenance

With Augmented Reality, we give your service technicians visual instructions overlaid as holograms that step by step describes all the required steps to be performed.

Learning & Education

Visual instructions and manuals allow for a faster learning process. By using Augmented Reality, the instructions are displayed in their real environment.

Marketing & Sales

Use Augmented Reality to deliver digital product experiences to your customers. AR shortens the sales cycles, reduces the costs of marketing and sales logistics and makes customers differentiate you from the competition.

Product Visualization

With Augmented Reality, we can place products of all kinds in their real life surroundings and quickly gain an understanding of how they will fit or perform. This reduces the risk of making wrong decisions during the design process and ensures a safe delivery.

How to use Augmented Reality?

AR technology matures quickly and new hardware is launched continuously. Below are the most common ways to use and experience Augmented Reality.

The most common way to consume or display Augmented Reality today is through a Smartphone or Tablet. Until recently it has been required to download an app in order to experience Augmented Reality but for newer Smartphones we can now offer AR directly in the web browser.

If you have a compatible device, you can see these models in AR directly from your phone by pressing the AR button AR button in the lower right corner.



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Get started with Augmented Reality

Many companies have begun their digitization jOurney and some have even started with AR. With the industry's longest experience in Augmented Reality, we offer visual future-proof digital products, services and processes with the help of Augmented Reality.