What we do best

Future-proof digital products, services and processes for the construction and manufacturing industries.


With deep insight into the industry, we offer guidance and advice to support the right strategic decisions within visual digital processes.

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Through workshops, we map your current situation, identify your needs and develop a plan for your visual digital transformation.

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Product visualization in 3D

We visualize your products in 3D in an engaging and easy-to-understand way directly accessible through the web and on mobile platforms.

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Laser scanning

Bring reality into the design and planning processes through 3D laser scanning. We deliver everything from point clouds to finished models depending on your needs.

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3D scanning of objects

With our integrated 3D scanning processes, we offer a fast way to digitize large quantities of objects or machines in a cost-effective way for viewing on the web and on mobile platforms.

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We have created powerful B2B AR / VR applications for ten years. We provide you with the right tools to visualize, communicate and market your products and services in a superior way. We also help you streamline your production, service & maintenance initiatives and increase the knowledge transfer in your organisation.

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Dynamic digital twin through 3D and IoT data

We help you visually manage your connected IoT data in real time directly on the web. New insights and easy access allow you to make faster and more informed decisions.

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Smart applications for mobile and web 3.0

We build and integrate future-proof applications based on open standards within your organization, adapted for mobile devices and web 3.0.

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The best way to predict the future is to invent it!

Allan KayInventor of C++ programming language