Virtual reality

Immerse yourself in a digital world

Benefits of Virtual Reality

In Virtual Reality, you move into a digital world where you are completely immersed. This activates several of Our senses and makes you more focused on what you are experiencing which in turn gives you a more natural understanding of the product or service you are experiencing.

Below are some areas where Virtual Reality can help your organization.

Training & Education

An effective way to reduce travel costs and increase the pace and accessibility of education throughout your organization. VR allows you to focus and safely practise digitally on different scenarios.

The design process

Review and discuss products and solutions digitally at an early stage during the whole development process. Increase understanding and minimize the risk of errors later in the production.

Digital twin

Get as close to reality as possible. With VR, you get a full understanding of your digital twin without having to visit the physical location of your factory or your planned construction site.

Virtual meetings

Attend virtual meetings around the world. Organize lectures and lessons and make tHome available regardless of geographical distance.

How to use Virtual reality?

VR technology matures quickly and new hardware is launched continuously with higher resolution and more ergonomic design.

The most common way to consume or display Virtual Reality today is through a standalone VR headset, which means no cables or setup required. Below is an example of one of the most easily used headsets on the market.

If you have a compatible device, you can see these models in AR directly from your phone by pressing the AR button AR button in the lower right corner.



A standalone headset that contains everything you need to show customers or other stakeholders your VR environments on the go.

Get started with Virtual Reality

Many companies have started their digitization jOurney and some have even started using VR. With the industry's longest experience in Virtual Reality, we offer visual future-proof digital products, services and processes using Virtual Reality.