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Amplify your message

When you need to amplify your message for your clients we have the tools to do so. Enhancing or augmenting can be done so that your product or message literally “jumps” out of your tablet or smartphone. Be it new buildings or equipment to be built we can bring your products closer to your clients and even place them live as real scale models within the existing environment. One vivid example has been the extremely successful augmentation and virtual reality platform of Port of Norvik, to be built south of Stockholm.


Combining the best

In augmented reality (AR), we augment what is in front of you, whether it´s a holographic presentation or high-resolution 3D-model of your product. In virtual reality (VR) we create a three-dimensional world, that can be experienced from within head-set and mask. In order to promote your message, we can utilize any combination of AR, VR and film. We make sure that you can communicate with your clients in an extraordinary way.

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