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Augmented Reality

Give your printed materials a whole new dimension and let your customers experience your products in 3D directly from your catalog or brochure. Or why not do as Småa who gave their customers an opportunity to experience their houses in place and in real size before building them. The potential of Augmented Reality is endless and we at 3D Interactive have helped numerous customers in Sweden and abroad in developing AR solutions to drive sales and visualize their products and projects. With complete integration with social media and complete statistics on how, where and when it´s used, you will reach a broad market while at the same time you can quickly follow up your projects.

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Use the application on these targets

3d Visualization

Interior visualization

Our services include appealing and photorealistic 3D images. Our interior designers ensure that we find the style and design that suits your project. Interior images can be ordered separately or as part of a package deal where the services below as well as augmented reality is also offered to get a complete solution that suits your project.

Exterior visualization

We have extensive experience in producing 3D exterior renderings that will take your project from concept to photorealistic reality. It can be residential areas, public spaces or aerial view.

Virtual tours

The perfect solution for those who want to view the entire apartment. Click through and see every room in the apartment in photo-realistic 3D.

Neat, selling and very easy to use on both smartphones and tablets. The virtual tour can also be combined with interior images cost-effectively.

Apartment finder

With apartment finder, we give your customers a complete overview of the apartment´s location and sales follow-up in real time directly in your browser. Our tailor-made solution gives your customers a comprehensive insight into the housing project with the ability to see everything from area view to each specific apartment in 3D. This is a cost effective way to promote housing project.

Other services

We also produce vision images, sunlight studies and 3D product visualization. Contact us and we will find a solution that suits you.


We have extensive experience in making applications for iOS with more than ten applications published on the AppStore and over 100,000 downloads. We are experts in developing applications using interactive 3D content and Augmented Reality. iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. and distibuted exclusively for Apple hardware. It is the operating system that powers many of the company's iDevices.


We have developed several applications for Google Play Store, all with interactive 3D content and many including Augmented Reality. Android is a mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel and developed by Google. Android is popular with companies which require a ready-made, low-cost and customizable operating system for high-tech devices.


Unity is the largest and most popular cross-platform software for game development today. While most people use it for gaming, we at 3D Interactive, have used Unity for architectural and product visualization since the start of the company. With it, we take your sales material to a whole new level, and best of all, we make it available for web and mobile platforms so that you can reach almost everyone.

Virtual Reality

With the Oculus Rift we finally have Virtual Reality worth it´s name. Give your customers the opportunity to step into a virtual world and experience their future new home or why not a new luxury yacht.


With WebGL, we can place interactive 3D products visualizations directly from your browser without the need of any plugin. We look forward to showing how it can be used for your products and projects.

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